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Laser Therapy Now Available

We now offer laser therapy sessions for the benefit of our patients with chronic joint, muscle or back pain as well as inflammatory conditions (ear infections, soft tissue injuries, wounds and many more).  This treatment can help improve your pet's level of comfort without having to add medications. There are no side effects and the treatments are quick, painless and affordable.  Call today for details. 717-632-4757

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Check Out This First Aid App!

The Red Cross is there to help pets as well as people.  If you have ever needed first aid care for your pet, this app may be for you.

Click here to go to Red Cross First Aid App.


The Pet Emergency Alert Kit includes an Emergency Alert Wallet Card and Emergency Alert Caregiver Instructions to help your pet if you have an emergency. When used together, the card will let others know you have a friend that depends on you and who needs care and the instructions will allow someone to take care of your pets if you are not able to. Great idea for those who like to be prepared!

Choose one or all of these helpful forms -- just click on the one(s) that work for you. Hope you find them as helpful as we do!

Emergency Alert Wallet Card

Emergency Alert Caregiver Instructions (Cat)

Emergency Alert Caregiver Instructions (Dog)