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In House Laboratory

Our technicians at Clearview Animal Hospital are able to perform most laboratory tests in-house and have results while you wait.  We offer digital radiology, FeLV/FIV testing, combination heartworm and tick disease screening by ELISA, CardioPet ECG, glaucoma screening, urinalysis, complete blood count, as well as pre-anesthetic screening panels and a variety of other blood chemistry tests including thyroid and phenobarbital level testing.  These in-house tests allow for quicker reporting of results to you and a jump-start on treatment for your pet if indicated.


We routinely use IDEXX as our reference lab for any tests that we cannot run at the clinic and usually have results within a few days on most tests that we send out.


Most routine screening tests and recheck testing can be scheduled as a technician appointment (as long as we have seen your pet within the last 12 months). Our capable technicians will draw the blood samples, run the testing and pass the results on to one of our veterinarians for review.